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The Rockwell's Menu

is inspired by the travels of this intrepid family and our understanding that food just tastes better when shared with the ones you love (or maybe just somewhat like). Our menu is as unique as the places we've travelled; It drives us to keep exploring new locales or stirs up warm memories of places we've visited.

Regardless, our menu upholds the standards that Alexander himself would be proud of; food that is organic, original and sustainably harvested.


"  Good food sustains our bodies...Great food and company invigorates our bodies and souls.  "


head-hunter.jpgIn 1885

Lucious Rockwell was introduced to the art of slow cooking in water.

Fortunately, he
wasn’t part of the demonstration.sous_vide_logo.jpg

 The Rockwell's are known for collecting delicous recipes and cooking techniques from around the world. Like Sous Vide, the art of slow cooking meats in hot water for 36 hours. We love this style of cooking and are proud to serve some of their favourite dishes.

Try one ~ we know you’ll love it!   sous_vide_slow-cooked.png