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family-tradition.pngWeekend Brunch

A Rockwell Family Tradition (well, not exactly)

Although the idea of a sit-down meal was very appealing, the sad truth is that most Rockwell family members were always off exploring some far flung corner of the globe.  So very rarely were more than three Rockwells ever in one room together. Even then they usually were too busy comparing expedition notes to bother eating. So we’re doing this in their honour - because sometimes it’s good to stop exploring - briefly - and share a leisurely weekend meal with friends and family.

Buffet Brunch

(Sunday Only)


Experience Rockwell's Buffet Brunch featuring more than 50 items including hot and cold breakfast entrees, fresh fruit, salads and a selection of lunch entree features.

Best Western Coquitlam Inn
319 North Rd.

Reservations: (604) 931-1262

10am- 2pm
Best Western Mission
32281 Lougheed Hwy

Reservations: (604) 820-9612

10am- 2pm

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